Distribution & Ground Blocks

Ground Terminal Blocks

Use grounding terminal blocks instead of grounding studs and wire lugs to terminate ground wires, saving installation and wiring time.
Grounding terminal blocks clamp mechanically onto the DIN Rail by tightening the center mounting screw, making a reliable electrical connection between the cage clamp terminals and the DIN Rail. The rail serves as a busbar and automatically distributes ground potential to all other ground terminals on the same rail.
Ground blocks can also be used as end stops, preventing other terminal blocks and components from moving laterally on the DIN Rail.
They are supplied with a standard green/yellow housing for easy identification and accept standard marking tags.

Power Distribution Terminal Blocks

• Speed of mounting and wiring
• IP20 Finger Safe
• DIN Rail or Panel Mount
• Blocks fit with other DIN Rail
mountable modular devices
(height 95mm, depth 44.5mm)
• Accessories increase the
number of outputs


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