Thin Wall 2:1

Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing 2-to-1 Ratio

HSPO thin wall, general purpose colored heat shrink tubing offers excellent electrical, chemical, and physical properties. Tough and flexible, it can be used for insulation, harnessing, strain relief, and identification purposes in a variety of industrial and military applications.
• Shrink ratio of 2 to 1
• 14 standard sizes in 6 colors
• Flame retardant (except clear)
• Resistant to common fluids & solvents
• Standard 4 foot lengths
• Dielectric strength 600V/MIL (24kv/mm)
• When heated above 120 degrees C, will shrink unrestricted to 50% (2:1) of its supplied diameter.
• Meets UL, CSA and MIL requirements

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