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The largest online selection of professional grade electrical crimp connectors, wire connectors, and butt splice terminals made right here in the USA. We are proud to be the top wire terminal choice for thousands of electrical contractors, OEMs and automotive shops who have grown to love our extensive selection of ring terminals, spade connectors, disconnects, butt splices and connectors, heat shrink terminals and other crimp wire connectors - all at industry best prices!

Our customers continue to return because when it comes to electrical crimp terminals we provide the best value.  We offer pro-grade US manufactured electrical and automotive wire terminals for what others in the industry charge for overseas connectors. Supplying the largest OEMs to the single contractor we help you make your wire connections fast and easy.

Buy your crimp wire terminals and butt splices online from ElecDirect and we guarantee you will receive:
• The choice of over 1000 different crimp terminals in stock and ready to ship same or next day.
• Conveniently packaged crimp wire terminals in 100-piece clear clamshell packs or bulk 1000 packs for even more cost savings.
• A wide selection of terminal insulation types including: PVC, Nylon, Fully Insulated and Heat Shrinkable connectors.
• Professionally manufactured, high quality, crimp terminals made with pride in the USA and with all the features you require for long lasting connections on stranded copper wire.
• A continually updated product offering with hard to find items such as nickel plated steel high temp terminals and automotive Deutsch Connectors.
• Looking for even more savings?  Try our “economy” brand of crimp connectors for an offshore equivalent to your most popular connectors.

Ready to shop online?  Choose a sub category below and take advantage of our huge selection of crimp wire terminals including:
• Ring Crimp Terminals • Spades & Forks • Butt Splices and Quick Disconnects • Closed End Connectors
• Heat Shrink Crimp Terminals • Weather Pack and Deutsch Connectors • High Temperature Terminals • Battery Terminals & Adapters • Wire Ferrules • Terminal Strips and Wire Termination Products • Specialty and Economy Terminals

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