16 Amp

16 Amp Pin and Sleeve Devices

Pin and Sleeve Connectors for 16 amp applications in IP67 Watertight and IP44 Splash Proof styles.  Manufactured to IEC 60309 standards for easy mating and complete interchangeability with all other 16 Amp Pin and Sleeve Devices.
All 16 amp Pin and Sleeve Connector housings, contact carriers, cable gland nuts and mounting flanges are made from high performance Valox for maximum performance and durability.

16 Amp Pin and Sleeve Color Coding & Voltages

2 Pole 3 Wire
110V, Yellow, 4h ground pin location
250V, Blue, 6h ground pin location
3 Pole 4 Wire
380-415V, Red, 6h ground pin location
4 Pole 5 Wire
220-240/380-415V, Red, 6h ground pin location

16 Amp Pin & Sleeve Device Quick Assembly Features:

75% Faster Cable builds with:
- One-piece cable gland
- Nylon locking screw prevents loosening
- Hand assembly of cable gland, Cable grip 6-Finger Clamp and onion-ring bushing

Screw Collars Stay Put
- Turreted grip allows for easy handling

Snap-on locking feature on all 16 Amp plugs and connectors

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