Wire and Cable

When it comes to Wire and Cable selection; Your one-stop shopping source is ElecDirect.com!

We stock a great selection of micro wire connectors & cable all with excellent price points, fast shipping and instant volume rebates at checkout!
Can your local brick and mortar distributor offer you that?
We specialize in a superb selection of:
• MTW / TEW Wire
• Tinned & GPT Wire along with SJOOW
• Photovoltaic (PV) Wire for use with Solar Panels
• Multi-Conductor Wire
• Battery & Welding Cable
• Corrosion resistant tinned wire for all marine applications
• Heavy duty truck wire for transport truck lighting and connection

TEW / MTW (also known as equipment wire) is primarily used as wiring in machine tools, appliances,
Transformers, ballasts, switchboard panels, controls, electronic circuits, motors, and in various building applications as specified by the National Electrical Code.
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