Aluminum Flat Cable

Flat Cable Cord Grips

RSF Flat Cable Cord Grips are specially designed for heavy-duty, flat cable or festoon system applications and meet NEMA standards.

These flat cable cord grips are used at the point of termination between the plant environment and internal wiring of the festoon system. Our festoon cable cord connectors provide a liquid-tight seal that keeps out dirt, moisture, coolants, lubricant and corrosives.

Typical festoon system applications include overhead cranes, water treatment plants, automated car wash systems, conveyor systems and numerous other robotics and moving equipment.

Flat Cable Cord Grip Benefits include:
Wire termination with mechanical integrity and environmental protection from outside moisture and particles.  
Minimize power loss with a safe, secure and fitted cord grip connection.
Placing multiple cables through one cord connector saves both costs and labor time as it eliminates the need for multiple terminations and connectors.

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