Pin and Sleeve Mechanical Interlock

Pin and Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks

Pin and Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks are common in a variety of portable power applications including Wineries, Breweries, Marinas, Snow Making Machines and Stadium Concessions.
The Advance-GRP system Pin and Sleeve Mechanical Interlocks include a disconnect switch UL listed as "Suitable as Motor Disconnect" and pre-wired IEC 60309-1 Receptacle.  The pre-wired switch and interlocked receptacle provide safety and reliability from their double mechanical interlock which prevents making and breaking of power under load.   The switch can only be turned 'ON' when an IEC compatible plug is engaged with the receptacle and the plug cannot be removed until the switch is turned 'OFF'.  A red LED indicator light on the front of each device shows if the receptacle is powered ON.
Where most enclosures in the industry are 'Valox', our Mechanical Interlock enclosures are made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).  GRP material provides superior impact resistance from accidental misuses and impacts.  The GRP enclosure also provides extraordinary chemical and UV resistance.
The robust switch handle can be padlocked in the ON and OFF positions and can be used in compliance with the OHSA Lockout/Tagout regulation.

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