Mini and Micro Industrial Cordsets

Where else can you find both in-stock immediate delivery parts or custom cord sets manufactured in under 2 weeks?

No more long waiting periods at higher prices—ElecDirect specializes in YOUR custom needs and will give your company a personalized quote on each and every custom job.

Our family of Industrial Interconnects & Cordsets, also known as molded or industrial miniature connectors – are used with sensors and control devices to provide users with easier initial installations & quick replacement of defective components.

Our family of products meets specific application, environmental or performance requirements and includes:

• AC and DC Micro Link Connectors
• 2 thru 12 pole Mini-Link connectors.
• Micro-Port and Mini-Port Distribution Boxes with 4,6, or 8 outlets
• Pico-Link Connectors in snap-style & coupler versions.
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