Micro Link Connectors

Micro wire and electrical connectors are available in 4 different materials - PVC, PUR, TPE, and Rubber - to protect against a variety of environmental and temperature concerns. Each features a 360° aluminum mylar foil shield to minimize electrical interferences that tend to disrupt the signal to the control device.
• Flexible, vibration resistant
• Designed for low amperage AC or DC control systems
• Compatible with pin configurations used by major U.S. and European sensor manufacturers
• 'Ribs' molded into exterior housing to increase grip-surface, reducing chance of slip-off's or need for disconnection tools

Typical Applications
• Automotive assembly
•Sensors on conveyors
•Packaging Machinery
•Automated Machinery
•Material Handling Equipment

Typical Products Which use Micro-Link Connectors
• Proximity Sensors, Limit switches, Photoelectric switches, Solenoids
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