Photovoltaic & Solid Copper Wire

Photovoltaic (PV) Wire for use with Solar Panels

2000 Volt Single Conductor Power Cable
USE-2 or RHH or RHW-2
Single copper conductor, stranded, insulated with moisture and heat resistant cross-linked polyethylene.  Rated 2KV to meet the challenging requirements of transformer-less inverters on photovoltaic (solar) panel installations.

ASTM B3 & B8
UL 44, UL 854, UL4703
Flame Rated: VW-1 per UL 1685
Sunlight Resistant
#14-4/0 Rated L-824C
RoHS Compliant

Bare Solid Copper Wire for use with Solar Grounding Lugs
REA/RUS Approved
Federal Standard QQ-W-343
ROHS Compliant
Soft Drawn
For use in electrical grounding systems, and on insulators for overhead transmission and distribution applications

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