Cable Glands

Elec Direct's website,, is a comprehensive website on which electrical contractors can purchase items as specific as nickel-plated brass cable glands, to items as common as clamps, wires and fuse holders. The nickel-plated brass cable gland with a neoprene sealing ring is able to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C up to +100°C, and the cable glands can be used in applications, such as the clamping of inserts or for the clamping of O-rings. The cable glands are offered in an assortment of sizes, and the detailed specifications of each of the cable glands can be viewed in a PDF brochure on our website. Since the sizes of the cable glands vary, the prices for these items also vary and the most costly of cable glands is the dome connector cable glands which have been imported from Turkey and which are priced at $14.93. However, to view the prices of the different cable glands, feel free to visit the Elec Direct website.

The other cable glands in our range of electrical accessories and products is the aluminum ISO metric thread, which has an ISO thread that allows the cable glands to mate with an internal metric thread which is found on a machine or electrical component. The metric threads which are found on these cable glands are in line with the DIN 40430 standards, and we stock the nylon metric cable glands, so feel free to visit the Elec Direct website for further information on both the nylon and aluminum ISO metric cable glands. Since we deal only in electrical components and connectors, such as the cable glands, we stock virtually all products which are used by electrical contractors, such as conduit and connectors, cable ties, non-metallic enclosures, lugs and splices and multi-pole connectors. The buying process for each of the products featured on our site can be done conveniently online and for those who are uncertain as to which product to select, or which cable glands are correct for a specific application, Elec Direct has live help and the online user is free to email our company, where our staff will handle all queries which relate to cable glands or our range of other products.

Like the nickel-plated brass cable glands, the ISO metric cable glands can be sourced in a range of sizes, and again, a PDF brochure containing the detailed specs of the cable glands is posted on our site. Once the right cable glands have been selected, should the order be in excess of $100.00, ElecDirect will cover all the shipping costs. No matter what you are looking for, be assured of the fact that Elec Direct's huge range and affordable prices will more than meet any buying need. For the online users who require further information on any of our products, including the cable glands, our "request info" link will give the user the chance to obtain further technical information on all products featured on the website.