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Loom Spiral Wrap Tubing

Tubing | Loom | Spiral Wrap

Do you need Tubing Loom & Spiral Wrap that will meet your company’s demand for a broad range of application needs?
You’ve come to the right place!

At ElecDirect we offer a huge range of Split Loon Tubing including a Hi-temperature version for engine compartments.
Our high quality Monofilament sleeving protects your wires and our Hi-Temp fiberglass type is an excellent choice if being used in environments to 1200˚ Fahrenheit.

In stock and ready to ship NOW, elecDirect family of Spiral Wrap, Tubing & Split Loom are used to organize multiple wires into one bundle, protect wire from abrasion and allow breakouts of single or multiple wires for re-routing or replacement.

These products will protect bundles from .063” to 7” and are well suited for computer cables, telephone cables, automotive and marine use.
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