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Large Lug Crimp Tools for 8 AWG up to 500 MCM

In stock and ready to ship, elecDirect Crimp Tools are the ideal solution for crimping an extensive assortment of copper, brass, lead Terminals/Lugs for wire gauges up to 500MCM.

• For #8-250MCM Copper & #8-4/0 Aluminum
• Extendible handle provides increased leverage at 250 MCM.
• Easy-to-read settings on calibrated index plate on side of tool
• Easy to handle – weighs just 6 1⁄2 lbs.
• Requires less handle load than conventional 250 MCM tools
• Dieless - no dies to buy or lose
• Crimps #8-500MCM Copper or Aluminum
• Unique extendible handle design - provides increased leverage.
• Easy-to-read settings are provided on calibrated index plates, one for AL and one for CU, located on the side of the tool
• Easiest Bench Use - machined flat head surface allows you to stand tool freely in working position
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